My Mission

Find the keys is all about making the craft of piano and music relevant for the present day. It is a re-thinking and re-imagining of how to interpret, create and engage with the whole literature of music throughout the ages. It is push for discovering beauty through the process of craftsmanship.

This space is an idea and resource hub for educators and students, self taught or tutored.

The core philosophical tenet of Find the Keys is paying respect and building on the vast body of work from the past, while not being held back by set ways of approaching music. 

Intellectual and poignant qualities of music are equally valued in the learning philosophy present here. 

Personal one-on-one Guidance 

For those interested in face-to-face learning, tailored one-on-one piano based music lessons are available in Melbourne, Australia. These are conducted myselfBryan Kho. I am located in the inner city suburb of Travancore, and service the surrounding areas. My teaching approach has been especially effective with beginners of all ages.

I can help with:

  • All aspects of musical development: Composing, playing, recording, reading, listening

  • Exam preparation

  • Forming and achieving your musical goals

  • Making music and enjoyable, authentic, and meaningful part of your life