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Bryan KHO - Founder and TEACHER

Music has been the one constant passion in my life, and a pursuit that has brought so much to me. It has brought me joy, comfort in difficult times, and helped me to grow socially from a shy young child into an adult. It has taught me discipline, the beauty in craftsmanship, and developed focus in spite of a digital world with ever more distractions and instant gratification.

My first formal piano lessons came at the age of 6. Being exposed to the language of music at a young age is one of the things I'm most grateful to my parents for.

Formally, my background is in education. I have worked with children from the preschool to primary school age for over a decade. While undertaking my studies at RMIT, I had the fortune of having my work published as a case study in the Australian Society for Music Education (ASME) journal. At the conclusion of the four year program I was also awarded the ASME prize for my contribution to music education.

My Teaching Approach

I believe in discovering the uniqueness of each student, and using this to guide the teaching and learning experience. My lessons aim to cover not only a wide range of musical development, but personal development too. Music and the arts, after all, are influenced by our whole life experience and don't stand in isolation to these experiences.

Motivate through meaning

I believe that the most effective learning occurs when students are self motivated and this can only occur if they are nurtured to develop a sense of ownership over their own experiences. My prime goal is equipping students with the tools to manage and direct their own learning, so that they not only have the raw musical skills, but also the developing maturity to make their experience more than just an extracurricular activity.

A big part of my philosophy is to make learning less abstract. I do this by providing project-based learning to give purpose and context to the educational process. Whether a project is realised in composing, self-organizing a little recital, putting together a short record, working towards an examination, or designing a musical website, all depends on each individual. Part of the learning is digging deeper past the notes on a page to discover and really understand a purpose for learning. I believe this approach builds good character in each person that will be invaluable throughout life. The goal is to determine a powerful why, so that each student can endure any how


Examinations are encouraged when they are beneficial and line up appropriately with the growth path of each individual; but never forced.

If you are interested in having a chat with me in person about learning the piano, don't hesitate to book a free consult over tea or coffee.


Monday – Saturday
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Works WITH:

Beginner/intermediate students of all ages

Key Skills:

Piano fundamentals
Music recording
Developing motivation and purpose